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Flystudio welcome everyone!

Flystudio is one of the few companies in Malaysia capable of producing large, international projects, we employ an in house CG team, pipeline planners, producers, VFX supervisor, creative directors, concept designers. With over a decade we have built connections of confidence and respect with the best professionals in every field.

Feature Film / Series VFX

We provide VFX and CG work for feature films and high-end television drama productions. Engaged as a major visual effects vendor on a number of feature films, we are currently assembling a fine artistic and technical team with demonstrated feature film VFX experience.

Pre-viz • Roto • Match Move • Tracking • Liquid • Fire • Smoke • Explosion Dynamic Effects • Digital Matte Painting

Animated Features

Our production team works alongside the top Japan production companies in providing modelling, animation, simulation and effects works to development teams in Japan.

Character • Hard Surface & Background Modelling • Animatic & Animation Rigging • Simulation & Visual Effects • Lighting & Compositing

Cinematic / Pachinko

We produce 2D and 3D cinematics, marketing trailers and marketing assets for video games across all consoles, specializing in stylized character performance and a passionate approach to storytelling. We also handle production of pre-rendered or in-game rendered animation and have vast experience in handling and enhancing motion-captured footage.

Character • Hard Surface & Background Modelling • Animatic & Animation • Rigging • Simulation • Visual Effects • Lighting & Compositing

Game Art

By employing Maya / ZBrush pipeline, we excels creating props, weapons, set-dressing, both naturalistic and stylized characters and environments for your game.

Hard Surface Modeling • Character Modeling • Environments Modeling

Motion Capture

By employing Xsens MVN Animate Motion Capture System. We offer a complete product line of full-body, wearable motion capture solutions. Our inertial motion capture system is portable, reliable in all conditions and easy to use in the studio, at the office or on set, Experience full magnetic immunity in all conditions, save time with clean, and superior motion capture data.


3D Animation and Motion Design are two extremely powerful techniques that we use in producing TV commercials. Adding our ability in mixing high quality 3D animation and visual effects with live action footage into the mix, the amount of memorable and successful advertising spots we are able to produce for you is limitless.
Pre-Production • Concept Development • CG Production • VFX Production • Offline & Online Compositing

Professional Training

With many years of projects production pipeline and resources, Flystudio cooperate with local state governments in Malaysia in talent training center. The training courses cover animation, film and television special effects production and VR production. We are committed to train industry outstanding artists, the center’s talent pool resources have also enhanced our core competitiveness in the market.


With Flystudio you are eligible for a 30% Cashback, This is applicable to foreign productions spending at least $250,000 on VFX-production or $1,200,000 on animation production pipeline. National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) offers a 30% rebate on production costs incurred by Animation, VFX and Post-Productions.

Our staff, with their thorough knowledge of the system, will help you every step of the way – from filing for the rebate, fulfilling the requirements, and finalizing the documents needing to wrap things up.

We have the know-how.