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About Us

Flystudio is driven by exceptional artists with 10 years of experience in the Commercial World and Game Art, over the 10 year we has successfully deliver many reknown works in Feature Film VFX, TVCM and Game Art production. One of the major TVCM project we did is Nippon Paint ‘Blobby’ in year 2008 and 2010, the exceptional quality had made lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

In December 2011, Flystudio has been fortunate to join to the Digital Frontier Group, one of the biggest Animated Feature production company in Tokyo, Japan. Our latest production will be a Game Cinematic and feature-length animated movie, with the studio providing modeling, animation, simulation and effects services to Japan development team. We work alongside production teams with Digital Frontier team and continue to challenge the new high.


Our History

2001 Established in Year 2001, Flystudio start as a CG (Computer Generated) Production Studio, provided TVCM and Feather Film VFX production service. Founded by couples of ambitious young “visionaire”.
2003 Flystudio produce TVCM Munchy’s – Mini Tiger Bar, the exceptional quality won us 3rd price in Anicomm Awards (US) for World Best Commercials. same year Channel [V] – TheTicket won us the Kancil Award – Best Use of Motion Graphic, director by Steve Bristow.
2004 Flystudio was awarded the contract to produce VFX for many local Feature Films like Pontianak, Gong, Buli Balik. one of the major feather project ‘Senario XX‘ involved more than 20 heavy CG scene.
2005 Flystudio was awarded the contract to produce Tourism Malaysia animated marketing video for Japan and Korea country, we create a CG character ‘SITI‘ with the feminine & graceful animation style, ‘SITI‘ brings not only Malaysia Scenery to Oversea but also the level of local animation to a new standard.
2006 Flystudio quality work has attracted international game developer into our clientele. We have thus far set foot on 3D in-game projects, and are on track of expanding into this industry. Partner with Igloo Digital Art Inc. UK established Igloo Digital Arts Sdn Bhd
2007 Flystudio change team structure from all generalist to several department, let artist focus only 1 to 2 skill. This approach bring Flystudio future success by growing and expanding workforce in very short time, venturing into Indonesia TVCM market Soyjoy – Soypermarket.
2008 Flystudio produce ‘Nippon Pain Blobby‘ TVCM, the exceptional quality won us Merit in Kancil Award for Best Animation of 2008, and shine Flystudio the top brand in Malaysia TV commercial industry.
2009 Flystudio venturing into the overseas TVCM market by produce TVCM for India, Vietnam, China and Dubai country, also start venturing into game cinematic project from Japan.We successfully deliver many reknown work in TVCM, major projects like Astro B.yond HD, one of the longest in Malaysian television commercial history in High Definition (HD).
2010 Flystudio was awarded the contract to produce Nippon Paint ‘Bobbly’ 2010 based on the success and impact made by ‘Blobby’ previous year, ‘Blobby’ 2010 continue make a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewer. Same year projects like Suntory Boss – Traffic Jam, Honda – 4SEATER+IDEAS also achieved great success.
2011 Flystudio join to the Digital Frontier Group, our first major Animated Feature project Resident Evil: Damnation start, with the studio providing modeling, animation, simulation and effects works to Japan production team. We work alongside our production teams with Digital Frontier team and change direction in focus only Game Cinematic and Animated Feather projects.
2012 “Resident Evil Degeneration” released in Shinjuku Piccadilly and three other theaters for a limited 2-week period. Box Office sales surpassed 40 million yen and sold 1.6 million DVD & BD copies worldwide. same year Flystudio setup game art division, start project METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE, with the studio providing game assets to Konami Digital Entertainment, Japan.
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